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FAQ & Parent Tips

Below you can find everything to know for a parent, from FAQ to tips about Touch Football and being a part of the Penrith Touch Association Family. 

Parents FAQ

What Parents Want To Know

Touch Football is an accessible sport, played by both boys and girls from three years old with equal fun and opportunities. After discovering Touch Football, most children continue playing through their entire childhood and adolescence.

Perfect For Your Child’s Development

There is no other sport more conducive to child activity than Touch Football. It’s a minimal contact sport that actively encourages fitness, communication, team spirit, coordination, and decision making; it contributes positively to your child’s development. Medical and sport doctors describe Touch Football as a low injury physical activity, perfectly suitable for kids in their phase of physiologic awakening and acquisition of movement skills.

Perfect For Busy Parents

Parents like Touch Football firstly because it’s a great sport for their children but also because it doesn’t require a lot of equipment to buy and wash! Competitions have convenient scheduling of times without a formal requirement to train, which suits busy parent’s lifestyles.

Children Love It Too

Children love Touch Football for many reasons including:

  • It’s a sport they can start and enjoy immediately at any age;
  • Size and shape plays little influence on how competitive a child can be;
  • Touch Football is fast and dynamic, and it’s all about chasing each other;
  • It combines well with multiple sports, and can be played similarly with other football codes;
  • Boys and girls can play together and have fun around a commonly appreciated activity.
A Family Bonding Activity

Touch Football can also be a passion for you, or simply an activity that you share with your children. Because age is not a barrier in Touch Football, you and your family members can play together and it becomes an occasion to spend quality time together.

Parent’s Tips for Children to Play More

Parents can positively impact their children’s sport life in many different ways. Below are some tips that will encourage your child to enjoy their experience in Touch Football. 

Constant support, encouragement and praise

One of the main positive outcomes children get by playing sport is self-esteem. That is not necessary linked to winning and children can learn a lot by being defeated. Particularly in younger age divisions, it is important to encourage and praise effort and attitude. This is important when commenting on officials and oppositions performance.

As the first role model for your child, you are their best supporter. Encouragement from you as their parent means a lot and positive praise is needed. Your support will lead your child to a better involvement in the sport, therefore learning and enjoying it more.

Hydration, Nutrition and Sleep

Nutrition and hydration are important for any active child. Playing Touch Football can be very demanding in some cases. To prevent any dehydration risks, ensure your child has a water bottle with them when they go to play.Parent’s Tips for Children to Play More

A balanced diet providing a solid amount of fruit and vegetables, carbohydrate and proteins will maintain your child’s good health, optimise their performance, ensure adequate growth and development occurs and help them to continue to enjoy their sport by maintaining energy levels and staying well hydrated.

Sleep is also a dimension to take into account; before and on the day of any particular physical activity, an early bed time is encouraged.

To get more information about nutrition, you can visit the nutrition section of the Australian Institute of Sport website – Nutrition. Parent’s Tips for Children to Play More

After discovering Touch Football, most kids continue to play as they grow up. They engage in a dynamic and healthy lifestyle, and take part in the Touch Football community for a lifetime.



Volunteers play a major role in the delivery of sports and children activities.
Parents and volunteers are the cornerstone of the Touch Football community, and your involvement will be greatly valued by your child and all members of the community.

To get involved with your local club, simply contact your Competition Coordinator – he or she will tell you how you can contribute to the sport and form part of the Touch Football community.