If you get injured while participating in a sanctioned* touch football activity such as playing (in an official match) or at your club training, you're covered by Touch Football Australia's National Insurance Scheme.

Please note: Penrith Touch does not handle this on your behalf.

All claims are handled by Marsh (formerly JLT Sport), the insurance partner of Touch Football Australia. For more information please visit To lodge a claim, please see the information below.

If you are unsure of the process or have any queries, please contact the insurer directly.

Insurance Claims

1300 130 373
GPO Box 1229, Melbourne VIC Australia 3000



Personal Accident Claims

Steps to follow:

  1. Report the injury to us immediately and obtain and complete an Injury Report Form (You can do this at the ADMIN window on game day).
  2. Return the Injury Report Form to us so that it can be signed by one of our admin officials. We will provide you with a copy to assist you when you make a claim.
  3. Lodge a Claim Form Request directly with the insurer within 30 days of your accident or injury occurring by via the contact details above.
  4. The insurer will send you a number of forms which are to be completed by you, your doctor, witnesses, etc. Included with these forms is an Official Report form that we have to complete to verify that you were registered online at the time of the injury and that it occurred during a sanctioned* touch football activity.
  5. You have 90 days from the date of the injury occurring to complete and return this paperwork to the insurer.
  6. You may be required to lodge additional information to the insurer if requested (e.g. a copy of your game sheet, the Injury Report form etc.). We will provide this to you on request.
  7. At the end of your treatment send all of your non-Medicare receipts to the insurer (ensure that you keep copies for your records).
  8. We do advise that before you re-commence training/playing that you are cleared by your doctor.

Income Protection is NOT included. Players and officials are advised to consider the adequacy of the cover and decide whether or not to take out their own additional insurance.

* A sanctioned touch football activity includes any approved competition or event conducted under the auspices of Touch Football Australia. It does not include competitions or events conducted by organisations which are not an affiliated member of Touch Football Australia.